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Apr 17, 2022
In Club Business
During covid the club had applied for the payroll tax credit and was initially denied. If I remember correctly, they then applied an assessment to member dues to make up for lost revenue and pay wages. I had no problem with that because I believe we truly have some of the best staff I have encountered However, the payroll tax credit then went through. We still were charged the assessment and now they want to use the money we paid (because they were initially denied and we needed to take care of their staff) to put towards their long range plans. Is it possible to put this in a rainy day fund in case a situation like this happens again rather than spending it plus some?
Apr 10, 2022
In General
Hi all. I am glad there is a forum like this. I was wondering if anyone can give me reasons to push ahead with these long range plans immediately. It seems prudent to wait with the high price of materials, our current financial standing and the uncertainty of the financial status of the world. However, I like would like to hear any different views on this.


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