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Oct 31, 2023
In Club Business
An open letter to the community membership: Regarding our upcoming re-vote on the operational assessment, I felt I needed to weigh-in on my thoughts on our community.    Here is the bottom line,  Our community is in financial dire straits.   We have leveraged our club to cover operations, and our payables are to a point where we have to selectively decide which vendors are important enough to pay.    This is a downward spiral which will not stop without needed cash.   There are a multitude of reasons on how we got here; some were out of our control, and many were not.   But regardless of the reasons, we need to continue to operate.   Without a YES vote on the assessment, we will continue this downward spiral until we are a shell of the community we once were. I get it that no one wants to throw good money after bad.  But one thing I am certain of is that the board has heard and understands the concerns and has enacted some immediate and noticeable changes regarding staffing, budget cuts and financial reviews.   But we need the cash to get us in the position to enable continuing of these changes. If you have any desire to stay in our beautiful community, now is the time for us to provide the funding to enable the change you have been espousing.   A NO vote only accelerates us in this downward spiral making it a tougher and longer effort to recover from. If on the other hand, you are ready to give up on the community and are thinking of selling and moving away, a YES vote is still the only smart choice.   No one will want to buy a house with the looming financial situation and fear of the unknown consequences resulting from a NO vote.   The amount you pay now will be returned multiple times over through a quicker home sale and a higher price.     So consider these thoughts when the vote comes through.  Your message was received,  but  now it is time for us to vote YES and enable the needed changes to occur. Rick Klemm


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