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Mar 09, 2022
In Club Business
We have concerns regarding the application of herbicides to the cattails and other aquatic plant life surrounding the Osprey lagoons. These plants provide sanctuary for nesting birds, ducklings, and small fish. They also add to the beauty of the Osprey lagoons. Application of herbicides definitely decreased wildlife activity on the lagoons. Has anyone seen plant kills on other waterways? When questions were asked about the reason for the plant kill, we were told that it was done at the request of a member (unidentified by mgt.) because it obstructed their view. If so, then why were the plants killed in multiple lagoons? Could not the plants have been sprayed in the selected area to satisfy the member? Or removed by mechanical means (non-chemical)? We inquired the name of the herbicide as this certainly entered the water. It was Rodeo aquatic herbicide by Monsanto. Collateral damage of Rodeo is fish kill caused by depletion of oxygen precipitated by decaying vegetation. Dead fish were noted in the lagoons several weeks following application of the product. My son, also a separate member, and I tried to approach the Environmental Committee but found the committee had not met in nearly a year and was disbanded. Our questions to the new Environmental Committee: 1. What determinants justify a plant kill? 2. Has the herbicide been applied by a qualified professional? 3. Who makes the decisions? Where does the buck stop? Why were residents whose homes border the lagoons not consulted prior to spraying? The flora and animal life are one of Haig Point's most precious assets. We need an environmental Committee up and functioning for the benefit of the Club and its members.


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