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Jan 30, 2023
In Club Business
January 29, 2023 Dear Fellow Haig Point Members, I am reaching out to confirm you received the President’s letter, dated January 27, 2023, whereby he indicated that due to issues with the Proxy Appointments sent with the Notice of Special Meetings on January 19, 2023, a new vote would be required, even if you had already voted (since January 19, 2023) for the Capital Projects. As a concerned Member, I see this as an opportunity to assist the new Board and Management in shaping the structure, oversight and financing for the proposed capital improvements and repairs. To be clear, I am NOT against the capital projects, but feel strongly that “more” (since there has been essentially “NO”) member involvement by our experienced and talented Members (such as those who have had careers in road building, construction, bank lending and loan structure, design, etc.) would improve greatly not only each project, but how we pay for the projects. I ask that you give consideration to the following: 1. Management, who will be entrusted to manage these projects over the course of several years, still has been unable to make budget, despite their promise that the ~30% dues increases over 2021 and 2022 would achieve a break even or better financial status. 2. Concerns have been raised to the Board and Management by many Members both directly and in the Open Sessions, which have been brushed off by the Management team. The new proposed ballot and proxy (provided on 1/29/23) gives us all an opportunity to vote NO on the projects, not because we don’t want them to be completed in one form or another, but because we want the expertise of our Member community to be involved in the process. I firmly believe our Membership community deserves far more than force-fed proposals from an interested management, with the attitude that “if you don’t like it, or cannot afford it, you should move.” The voting process has been found objectionable by many Members. Ideally, the New Ballot could have been modified to include the proxy as a separate document, thereby reducing confusion about voting, but it was not. Hopefully the following will clarify the process: 1. If a voting Member votes on EACH and ALL projects for which they are entitled to vote, the proxy agent WILL NOT VOTE at all on behalf of the Member. This is preferred, as it prevents anyone else from making selections on behalf of the voting Member. 2. If a voting Member does not vote on ALL five proposals and leaves one or more projects unvoted, the proxy allows for Tom to vote that specific proposal(s) as he deems appropriate (maybe not how you might have voted). 3. If a voting Member must have a proxy agent, but does not have a specific person to name, he/she may select Mark McKniff as his/her proxy agent, and he will vote NO on some/all projects left blank by the voting Member. 4. If a voting Member must have a proxy agent, and chooses not to name an alternative proxy agent, the club President will vote YES on all projects. 5. It is always a good practice to print a copy of your ballot/proxy document. I strongly encourage each eligible Member to VOTE on ALL projects, and if in agreement with what has been outlined in this and previous communications, we encourage you to vote NO on all projects. Two other important items that I would like to mention as reminders: 1. In Tom’s President letter dated 1/24/23, about 2/3 down the page, there is a very small – here – (in blue) as a link to a member survey. The questions are very good and there is ample room to make comments about how the club is run. Well worth your time to complete and express your thoughts about the club activities and management. 2. On the bottom of page 3 of your Ballot, there is a reference to Ben Farmer’s written commentary about why he wasn’t in favor of the Roads and Golf proposals. Ben is a Board member so his thoughts should be taken seriously since he has been on the inside. In the original ballot, the link was highlighted. In the new ballot it is not – so you can read it at . Please vote on ALL of the projects as you deem appropriate – well before the Board Meeting at 3:00 pm on February 17, 2023. Thank you! Clay Burton (owner 2013 to 2017 and now full time January 2022)


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